How can refinancing your vehicle benefit you?

When refinancing your vehicle, your credit agreement is renegotiated at a lower interest rate, saving you money. If your credit score has recently improved, you should receive an improved interest rate and extended payment terms which will give you an improved monthly instalment.


Don’t accept high interest rates if there is a chance you can qualify for a cheaper rate by choosing to refinance and save on monthly instalments.

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Lower your monthly instalment by extending your credit or apply for a reduced interest rate.

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Finance your residual/balloon amount with a lower instalment and interest rate for up to 72 months.

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If your vehicle’s market value is higher than your outstanding balance, you can get cash back.

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With refinancing your vehicle, not only could you lower your interest rate and instalment, you could save cash.

Va Vroom can assist you in reducing financial pressure with various refinancing options

Lower your current monthly instalments by extending your current loan through Va Vroom.

Want a cash pay-out? Refinance your vehicle for the current retail value, your instalments can stay the same over a longer payment period.

Apply now for a free no obligation quote, and you can have up to 60 days before first payment is due allowing you to catch up on other financial obligations. Refinancing is the most efficient and cheapest way to consolidate debt.

The simplified step by step refinancing process

Complete the form

Click on the “Get a Quote” button for the online application and complete the form.

Submit your application

As soon as Va Vroom receives your application, you will received your refinance quotation


Compare your quoted repayments to the old payment; How much do you save and How much cash pay-out is there?

Accept quote and Sign

One of our FAIS compliant representatives will come to you to sign the new agreement and settle any outstanding amounts

Residual Value / Balloon Payment


Apply to reduce your total interest payable by reducing your residual value / balloon payment.

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Apply to lower your monthly repayments by increasing your residual value / balloon payment

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Apply if you want to keep your instalments the same and get cash back.

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Apply if you currently do not have a residual on your current agreement. Va Vroom can add this option in order to reduce your repayments.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When entering into a new credit agreement, Va Vroom ensures that your current loan is settled resulting in an improved interest rate. You also, reduce your instalment when extending your loan period.
Even though our rates are very competitive, your credit rate will depend on your current credit profile and you will receive this with your quotation.
The cash pay-out is dependant on several factors:
• Market value of your vehicle
• Settlement amount on your vehicle
• Your credit profile

Please not I have not changed any of the cars or monitory values, as it need to believable. You experts can amend

Refinance, save and get a cash pay-out

When Linda bought her VW Polo 1.2 Tsi, her monthly repayment was R3 840,77. She contacted Va Vroom to refinance with a cash pay-out option. The market value of her vehicle was higher than her outstanding contract balance. Va Vroom settled the outstanding agreement and Linda received a R57 552 cash pay-out. Her renegotiated instalment was over 72 months at a reduced interest and instalment of R3 687.


Cape Town

Refinance with a residual

When Thabo initially bought this VW Polo Vivo GP 1.6, it did not have a residual value. Thabo opted to finance, with a residual value of 25% at 12% interest over 72 months. This saved him R567.07 a month.


Sandton JHB

Refinance for a cash pay-out

Owning a 2010 Ford Figo 1.4 Ambiente which is fully settled, Patrick opted to refinance to the value of R98 000. He is paying R2225.69 per month, 13 % interest over 72 months. That is R98 000 cash in hand!


Centurion Gauteng

Additional Services


Va Vroom offers a vehicle financial service that is safe and will assist you through the entire process. Our qualified and compliant staff make it hassle free for both the buyer and seller wether you are an individual, company or buying from a deceased estate


Va Vroom is also able to assist with financial services and insurance for the purchase of new and used boats, caravans, motorhomes, jet ski and motorbikes.


Have you seen a car at a dealer that you want? Va Vroom will negotiate a price and lower monthly payments that better suit your needs. We will assist with the necessary paperwork and even arrange delivery.